Upcoming game

2013-12-09 19:29:03 by danman113

Well I finally uploaded that little Lord of the Flies game I mentioned on my earlier post. It didn't have any sounds or animation, but I decided to upload it anyways. But yeah, as it's final season at my uni, I got assigned to make a game as a final project for my intro to CS class. Being the overacheiver that I am (not to mention that class was mind-numbing bellow my level), I whipped up a full fledged RPG complete with animations and possibly sounds. At the moment I'm having trouble getting external fonts to work on the newgrounds release. When that's resolved and I have a bit more time to polish it up, I'll definitely publish it so you guys can get your crappy RPG fill.


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2013-12-09 20:18:59

Music needed? I can help.