Assault Fury and Problems with Project Preview

2014-02-17 00:13:44 by danman113

A second game announcement? Why not! Well, about a month ago, I got really bored one night and was trying to reacquaint myself with keyboard controls, when I had a revelation: Creating the movement for Vertical-Scrolling Spaceship Shooters is damn easy. With that I created the basic template for a spaceship shooter entirely out of squares and had a blast doing it, working well into the night (You can see the result of that night here: The next day a good friend of mine ( showed me the result of his first foray into pixel art, and I couldn't help but get inspired and promptly asked him to be the artist of the game I was going to make based on the tech demo I mocked up. This collaboration came at a bad time, as we are both UC students and midterms were about to smack both of us in the face. Thus, development was slow for the past two weeks. Finals are over now though, and work has resumed at a breakneck pace. Probably one of the biggest learning experiences for of making this game for me has been sound. An Action Game just isn't and Action Game without sounds, so from the very beginning figuring out how to do sounds was a top priority. As using default javascript for sounds is the equivalent of trying to play the Moonlight Sonata with a rubber band and a popsicle stick, I opted to use the Sound.js library to add sounds into the game, with pretty good results so far. Another thing that I wanted to make sure to do this time around was add a decent options menu. So far work on that has been going pretty smoothly, so far it has options to mute the music as well as sound effects, a framecounter, as well as an option to double the framerate, a feature rarely seen in browser games. So far we're looking at releasing it around March or April depending on how much our professors want us to work.

As for the second part of the post, I encountered some simply strange bugs when trying to upload early versions of Assault Fury on to Newgrounds project system. One of the first thing I realized is that it generally doesn't work well with having folders. When I decided to use Sound.js, I wanted to make sure that the game would still work offline (for nostalgia visits way down the road) and didn't want to depend on their CDN, so I put all of the necessary files in a folder and was using that for a while, but for some reason the game had trouble finding them on Newgrounds server, so instead of figuring out a way to fix that I just put them into the main folder, solving all problems. Another, more frustrating bug I encountered was that even though I was constantly updating the game, the changes never seemed to get past after a few updates no matter how many times I emptied my cache or even switched computers. At first I thought it was just a problem with how the project system handled the game. After a while I even resorted to linking the version I had running on my server to the newgrounds version through an iframe (something that worked, but would have my bandwidth charges fly though the roof), but then I realized that no changes, however minor, were going through. Realizing this, I decided to start a new project and lo and behold it worked exactly as planned. Apparently after updating the game file a few times, the project system just stops updating the file. It really is a small thing, but that didn't stop it from annoying the hell out of me. 

All that said, if you want to see the current version of Assault Fury, you can find it at (Arrow keys to move, Z to shoot, SHIFT for slomo and X for bomb). Due note that many art assets are missing (I never can completely forget about my standard rectangle bullets) and all of the sounds and music are subject to change. Also only Survival mode is in as of yet, so don't bother going into the campaign mode yet. Also, you may be asking about what ever happened to that crappy RPG I was talking about earlier, well I haven't really worked on it too much, but if you want to play it you can find it at (WSAD to move around the menu. SPACE to select)

Upcoming game

2013-12-09 19:29:03 by danman113

Well I finally uploaded that little Lord of the Flies game I mentioned on my earlier post. It didn't have any sounds or animation, but I decided to upload it anyways. But yeah, as it's final season at my uni, I got assigned to make a game as a final project for my intro to CS class. Being the overacheiver that I am (not to mention that class was mind-numbing bellow my level), I whipped up a full fledged RPG complete with animations and possibly sounds. At the moment I'm having trouble getting external fonts to work on the newgrounds release. When that's resolved and I have a bit more time to polish it up, I'll definitely publish it so you guys can get your crappy RPG fill.

News since newgrounds

2013-11-24 04:51:15 by danman113

Welp, it's been forever newgrounds. To make a long story short, all of my flash projects are dead. I never got around to finishing the RPG (I simply lost interest in flash) and I drifted apart from the project that I was writing for. I never really stopped writing, but I haven't written anything seriously for a long time. Programming is my new hobby, and I've been spending a ton of time on it. First I learned HTML/CSS and built my own website Here, then I learned javascript and made a few simple javascript test games out of that (see Here). The real revelation came when I decided to make a game for my Senior year English class for extra credit. The assignment was to make a video clip based on Lord of the Flies in two weeks and after half a week of not doing anything I realized that I could make some form of a conceivable game. With only a week left, I worked endlessly on the game and finished it with only five hours left for the petty act of sleeping. The final project was the first "Kinetic" game I've ever made, and really the only one I have since. They're really not my forte. The thing about that game was that I used HTML5's canvas feature to make it, and realized that I liked the simplicity of the platform a lot and therefore devoted most of my time to it. Besides that I also got a girlfriend and we've been together for a little over a year for now (Maybe that's why you're not seeing much of me), and also got accepted into a UC school and am currently studying Computer Science there. That pretty much pulls you guys up to speed on my life following my newgrounds hiatus. I'm currently working on a canvas VN engine, and a procedurally generated text based open world RPG set in a contemporary city (The most recent version can be found Here). That's basically about it, be sure to give those links a click and I'll be back with an actual game sometime soon.


2012-08-11 15:44:24 by danman113

Here's an idea. From now on all of my reviews will be in haiku format.


2012-04-01 17:15:32 by danman113

Working on a Simple RPG with Nonn3rs. Probably be out in a few weeks.

EDIT1: or months :3


2012-04-01 17:08:28 by danman113

Working on a Simple RPG with Nonn3rs. Probably be out in a few weeks.

Upcoming VN

2011-07-31 23:59:09 by danman113

Okay so now the reason that I Haven't been submitting much work recently. Me and Y0k41 are officially working together to produce a Visual Novel. I'm already about eight pages into writing the script (although only about 2500 words as most of my descriptions are visual and not in words). Although I have yet to find a programmer the game itself will be mostly about the story (with a few moments of player choice thrown in for good measure) and thus relatively simple (I could literally do it in PowerPoint if it supported flash). Expect a few concept artworks to be posted on Y0ko's page shortly. Although as literally both of us are leaving the country for two weeks (Separately and thankfully at similar times) so don't expect to see much progress for at least another month. Also "Saya No Uta" is an awesome VN worth checking out.

Hanna's Dream Chapter 2 on its way, plus gimp!

2011-06-23 01:55:00 by danman113

Over the past few weeks I have been working (on paper for the first time ever) the second chapter of Hanna's dream chapter two. So far its four pages long (which converts to about 2-3 pages digital) so hopefully with the end of school wont be long. On a completely unrelated topic I'm learning gimp (finally gathered up the patience to literally go through the help menu) and made a simple pixel art thing for my user icon. Also I commissioned my friend to make a poster for Hanna's dream that looks amazing so far (just a pencil sketch without the background).
If you didn't get a chance to read Hanna's dream part one its here.

Hanna's Dream finally out

2011-05-19 02:12:36 by danman113

Finally! after almost two month in the editing stage Hanna's Dream is finally out! I'm going to finish this series first and then I'm going to work on an entirely new project.
Also I just finished reading "Let Me In" in two days, finishing on Friday the thirteenth. It's amazing go read it!

Also heres a link to Haven Cove for those of you who missed it.

P.S Heres a sneak peek of another story that I'm going to write after this one Sneak peak

Working on new story

2011-04-03 05:55:30 by danman113

Getting started on a more exotic story then my usual work. Inspired by Lilium and some old story I thought in my head like 5 years ago. Hopefully it will turn out good :3

I'm actually working on a story inspired by the flash F E A R, only a little more cerebral and silent hilly.
you can find it here:

PS. don't worry I'm going to work on chapter 2 :Luke right after

Okays so I finished the F E A R story a while ago and am STILL waiting on my lazy editor to finish editing. As soon as that's done I'm either going to continue with the that story (Finally conjured up a plot) or start something completely new (post apocalyptic sound good?)